California’s Quality Principles and Indicators

Quality Principles and Indicators

1. Summer @ Your Library builds strong communities

Quality indicators:

1a. The program offers opportunities for community members to get involved in activities that benefit the community.

1b. Staff engages community partners to enrich program offerings and increase the visibility, credibility, and reach of the library’s efforts.

1c. Staff offers elements of the program in locations beyond the walls of the library in order to reach as many people as possible.

1d. All staff contribute to the program.

2. Summer @ Your Library provides opportunities for learning

Quality indicators:

2a. The program includes a variety of activities that engage people who have different learning styles and interests.

2b. Activities are designed with specific learning objectives in mind.

2c. The program offers learning opportunities that are fun, inspirational, and informational.

2d. The program encourages self-directed learning, discovery, and creativity.

3. Summer @ Your Library celebrates reading and literacy

Quality indicators:

3a. The library advocates that all reading is good reading.

3b. The library enables people to set and meet individual reading and literacy goals.

3c. The library connects people with a rich and diverse collection of reading materials in a variety of formats.

3d. The library offers activities that extend the reading experience.

4. Summer @ Your Library is designed to reach and engage everyone

Quality indicators:

4a. The program has something for all ages and all demographic groups in the community.

4b. The program is responsive to the cultures, languages, abilities, and other diversities in the community.

4c. The staff makes a special effort to reach people who have not previously taken part in the summer program.