Assessment Worksheet

Using the Summer @ Your Library Assessment Worksheet


The assessment worksheet can be used to identify areas where your program is strong and areas that might benefit from improvement. It is important to remember that the principles are aspirational and intended to be used as a guide for planning, building capacity, evaluating, and communicating about your program. Only the most ideally-resourced libraries may be able to rate themselves highly in every indicator on the assessment worksheet.

  • Encourage staff to fill out the worksheet and encourage them to be honest in their assessments.
  • Ensure that all staff members have the opportunity to fill out the assessment worksheet to ensure maximum buy in and feedback.
  • Provide time and space for staff to discuss their responses to the worksheet to foster conversation and reflection around summer program planning and implementation. Be sure to talk about both what went well and what was not successful (and why) to improve the program for next year.
  • Record the collated responses to the worksheet each year to identify areas of improvement and change.
  • Use the collated responses to the worksheet and the conversations to begin planning your next summer program.
  • Make time to acknowledge and celebrate your successes!