Summer programs in public libraries:

  • build communities of readers and library users,
  • create community connections,
  • help prevent summer learning loss in children and teens, and
  • help adult model good reading habits for youth.

They encourage free voluntary reading, motivate participants to set and meet reading goals, help youth make guided reading choices, and include programs that extend the reading experience and help participants develop literacy, arts, science, math, technology, and social skills.

In summer 2017:

  • Over 788,000 Californians signed up for a public library summer reading program.1
  • Over 1.65 million reported attendance at statewide summer reading events and activities.

Click on the infographic link below to see the impact of summer programs in California’s public libraries in 2017. The file can be downloaded to help you demonstrate the value of summer programs in your library.

2017 Summer @ Your Library Infographic

Children who participate in summer reading2

  • Take part in activities at the library during the summer (77%)
  • Enjoy the summer reading program (92%)
  • Plan to return to the library after the summer (92%)

Teens and adults who participate in summer reading3

  • Feel welcome at the library (89%)
  • Enjoy spending time at the library during the summer (88%)
  • Plan to return to the library after the summer (90%)

Children who read, succeed! And California’s summer readers and library users return to school ready to learn!

The full set of summer reading statistics submitted by California libraries is available for download:

2017 CA summer reading statistics

2016 CA summer reading statistics

2015 CA summer reading statistics

2014 CA summer reading statistics

2013 CA summer reading statistics

2012 CA summer reading statistics


1. Summer reading participation data was submitted by 167 of California’s 184 public library jurisdictions.
2. 10,536 families with early learners and children completed summer reading surveys in 36 public library jurisdictions.
3. 6,401 teens and adults completed new summer reading surveys in 32 public library jurisdictions.