Outcome statement: Adults find value and enjoyment at the library

Adult participation in library summer reading is a relatively new phenomenon, and it is increasing.  Some adults who have discovered summer reading at the library say that it brings back the enjoyment of reading that they had as children.  They get a kick out of filling out the game cards while discovering new literary genres.  Others tell us that summer is a time for them to do the kind of reading they don’t have time for during the rest of the year.  Whether they turn to more challenging forms of reading or return to reading for pure pleasure, summer is a special time for adult book lovers.  Some adults also report that having a formal relationship with the library through a summer reading program reminds them of the civic value of this institution and their place in keeping that value alive.  When summer reading involves an adult component, it can provide opportunities for more in-depth readers’ advisory service and increased communication between individual patrons and library staff.