iREAD California Summer @ Your Library Committee and Summer Strategic Advisors

Teams of advisors working in early learning, children’s, tween, teen, and adult services in California public libraries guide the development of Summer @ Your Library.

An iREAD California Summer @ Your Library Committee develops theme-based programming ideas, presents training workshops, and partners with the iREAD program to develop summer themes, slogans, and programming resources. iREAD California Committee members serve three year terms that are renewable once. Committee members are appointed in the spring and their terms begin at the CLA conference in the fall. If you are interested in joining the iREAD California Committee, please email

Teams of strategic advisors convene periodically to advise on the development of California’s statewide summer program outcome statements, quality principles, and community of practice.

iREAD California Committee Members (2019-2020)

Judy Cunningham, San Diego Public Library
Lisa Ferneau-Hayes, Oceanside Public Library
Rhea Gardner, Woodland Public Library
Trish Garone, California Library Association (ex officio)
Tonie Jenkins, Lincoln Public Library
Nichole King, Santa Clara County Library District (incoming chair/resource guide coordinator)
Rachelle Lopez, Ontario City Library (chair)
Lisa Nowlain, Nevada County Library
Edwin Rodarte, Los Angeles Public Library

Summer @ Your Library Strategic Advisors (2018 working group)

Andie Apple, Kern County Library
Lisa Gonzalez, Santa Barbara Public Library
Christie Hamm, Sacramento Public Library
Nina Lindsay, Oakland Public Library
Morgan Pershing, County of Los Angeles Public Library
Dolly Goyal, San Mateo County Libraries
Courtney Saldana, Ontario City Library
Sarah Vantrease, Butte County Library

Thank you to all members of the California library community who have participated on the iREAD California Committee (formerly the California Summer Reading Program advisory council)

Joanna Axelrod, Susan Baier, Elyse Barrere, Pat Downs Bright, Kimberli Buckley, Pam Carlson, Nancy Carstensen, Debbie Centi, Heather Cousin, Judy Cunningham, Ann Davis, Lori Easterwood, Lisa Ferneau-Hayes, Amanda Jacobs Foust, Rhea Gardner, Jill Harris, Anna Hartman, Kari Johnson, Beth Jones, Nichole King, Jennifer Lawson, Anne Lennon, Rachelle Lopez, Cynthia MacDonald, Sushila Mertens, Lisa Nowlain, Jeanne O’Grady, Penny Peck, Nicole Powell, Morgan Pershing, Edwin Rodarte, Mathew Rose, Courtney Saldana, Janis Seagrave, Susie Serrano, Sharon Snow, Celeste Steward, Denise Stutzman, Barbara Sutton, Shawn Thrasher, Sarah Vantrease, Valerie Voss, Laurie Willhalm.

Thank you to all members of the California library community who have advised on and helped to develop the Summer @ Your Library outcome- and outreach-based framework, the quality principles and indicators, and the programming and outreach pilot projects.

Andrea Apple, Katie Azevedo, Ryan Baker, Karen Brown, Madeline Bryant, Pam Carlson, Marina Claudio-Perez, Cynthia Corderman, Katy Curl, Pat Downs Bright, Emily Derry, Lori Easterwood, Lisa Eckman, Angelica Fortin, Cheryl Gilera, Lisa Gonzalez, Christie Hamm, Anna Hartman, Kari Johnson, Roger Kelly, Tamar Kirschner, Jennifer Kish, Anna Koch, Jennifer Lawson, Nina Lindsay, Jasmin LoBasso, Stephanie Loney, Candice Mack, Penny Markey, Helen McAlary, Cindy Mediavilla, Eva Mitnick, Diane Olivo-Posner, Morgan Pershing, Beatriz Preciado, Tracie Randolph, Carine Risley, Cindy Romero, Courtney Saldana, Diane Satchwell, Shana Sojoyner, Sandra Stewart, Janet Stone, Jenny Thurman, Sherry Toth, Sarah Vantrease, Francisco Vargas.

And thank you to everyone who has participated in trainings and meetings, provided feedback on program developments, and furthered the conversation around public library summer programming in California’s public libraries.